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EURO-INDEX b.v. is a technical wholesaler/distributor, which supplies measuring- and control equipment and components, mainly used for safety, maintenance and building of technical installations in household applications, utility and industry. These activities are supported by preventive maintenance, repairs, calibrations and periodical checks of the measuring- and control equipment, which is all done in our own laboratory. Training, seminars and a proper advice to our clients, as well asrental equipment, make sure that our clients have the benefit of an optimal service.EURO-INDEX b.v. suppliesits customers with a comprehensive range of products and services within the Netherlands and on special request within the E.U.

EURO-INDEX b.v. is a member of the AFRISO-EURO-INDEX group, which has offices in most European countries and approximately 900 employees wolrdwide. The holding company of the AFRISO-EURO-INDEX group is settled In Germany and was established in 1869.
The factory in Güglingen designs and produces measuring- and control equipment. In Amorbach is a factory that is specialized in designing and producing pressure gauges. The factory in Illmensee is mainly responsible for the production of electronic measuring equipment, like the Blue Line combustion analysers. At East Grindstead in England the capacitive and conductive level controllers are designed and produced. In Romania is a factory for the production of pressure gauges (manometers).